The Effect of Compensation During a Driver Shortage

by Alexandra Marx Most people in the trucking industry know that the truck driver shortage is a huge issue that is causing discord within companies. But what is really behind that shortage? As discussed in “Why Driver Shortages Are Hurting the Trucking Industry,” there are many contributing factors such as work-life balance, the COVID-19 pandemic, […]READ MORE

Nuclear Verdicts and What’s Next

by Alexandra Marx Nuclear verdicts are blowing up the trucking industry, leaving behind harmful and expensive repercussions for trucking companies. What are nuclear verdicts? Nuclear verdicts are defined as jury awards that feature a penalty exceeding $10 million. In the trucking industry, these verdicts are typically given when there is a fatal crash between a […]READ MORE

Why Driver Shortages are Hurting the Trucking Industry

by Alexandra Marx The trucking industry is experiencing a nationwide driver shortage. Though some drivers are making good money in the current industry, the job itself is not always a first choice for many potential workers. Young adults who need jobs after high school if they do not attend college are not an option, as […]READ MORE