TMS to release new user interface with improved mobile functionality

New appearance will help users access their data on the go Article by Jenny Glasscock via Freightwaves The way that people work has changed dramatically in the last two decades, but most noticeably over the last few years with the rise of remote work. According to a Pew Research Center survey from February, of those […]READ MORE

Never miss out on detention time reimbursement again

Ditat allows Artur Express to automatically catch and seek compensation for long dwell times Article by Jenny Glasscock via Freightwaves. In the trucking industry, one of the most valuable resources is time. There is a reason for the saying, “If the wheels ain’t turning, you ain’t earning.” Because of the steep operating costs for a […]READ MORE

How instant, personalized data visibility changed the game for Silver Trucking

Ditat TMS’ KPI reporting helped carrier ‘see the full picture’ Article by Jenny Glasscock on Freightwaves Running a business of any kind without data is unwise, and nearly impossible, to do well. In an industry as volatile as truck transportation, where fuel costs can fluctuate by the hour, spot rates can rise or fall each […]READ MORE

Current market a hindrance for carriers and brokers alike

How Ditat helped US Cargo Brokers optimize amid economic throes Article by Jenny Glasscock on Freightwaves To say the least, the last few years for the transportation industry have been turbulent. Motor carriers enjoyed elevated demand from mid-2020 through spring ’22, an environment that provided plenty of freight for them to move and stronger rates […]READ MORE

What can a bird’s-eye view do for load planning and recruiting?

How Ditat’s load planning board simplified Artur Express’ everyday processes and became a powerful tool for multiple departments Article by Jenny Glasscock on Freightwaves Most people are aware that truck drivers are an essential piece of the supply chain, carrying everything from essential supplies headed to store shelves to the latest online purchases that end […]READ MORE

EDI still proves to be powerful solution for carrier-shipper connections

Ditat allows companies to efficiently, affordably link with supply chain partners Article written by Jenny Glasscock, Freightwaves If you don’t know what electronic data interchange (EDI) is, it’s likely you’ve at least heard it mentioned by one of your supply chain partners at some point. EDI has been the front-running choice for internal information sharing […]READ MORE

How automating check calls gave Eldon Frieghtways dispatchers time back

Removing check calls off dispatchers’ plates saves time and alleviates stress Article by Jenny Glasscock, Freightwaves Trucking has long been an accessible industry, but this is a mixed blessing. While a lower barrier to entry allows more people to have a shot at success, it also means companies must go above and beyond to gain […]READ MORE

Personal customer support at center of Maverick Logistics’ TMS success

Ditat offers streamlined transition, customer support for nuanced business needs Article by Jenny Glasscock, Freightwaves Logistics is a diverse industry, and the businesses within it have unique operational needs that are only becoming more complicated because of the ever-shifting transportation market. A logistics business entrusts a lot to its transportation management system. Many of its […]READ MORE

How open API TMS systems increase efficiency and reduce bottlenecks

Texas-based carrier SISU has been able to create operational efficiencies and lower overhead Article by Jenny Glasscock, Freightwaves If you manage a large fleet, it’s likely that using a customized and powerful transportation management system is one of your top priorities. Your company probably works with many different types of software — for load planning, […]READ MORE

Powerful TMS helps Gully Transportation increase cash flow with same-day billing functionality

Ditat offers flexible, open API TMS solutions for mid to large fleets Article by Jenny Glasscock, Freightwaves Shifting demand, dropping rates and skyrocketing fuel prices are just some of the market obstacles carriers are currently facing, with new supply chain challenges cropping up seemingly every day. As these problems compound on one another, it’s no […]READ MORE

The Effect of Compensation During a Driver Shortage

by Alexandra Marx Most people in the trucking industry know that the truck driver shortage is a huge issue that is causing discord within companies. But what is really behind that shortage? As discussed in “Why Driver Shortages Are Hurting the Trucking Industry,” there are many contributing factors such as work-life balance, the COVID-19 pandemic, […]READ MORE

Nuclear Verdicts and What’s Next

by Alexandra Marx Nuclear verdicts are blowing up the trucking industry, leaving behind harmful and expensive repercussions for trucking companies. What are nuclear verdicts? Nuclear verdicts are defined as jury awards that feature a penalty exceeding $10 million. In the trucking industry, these verdicts are typically given when there is a fatal crash between a […]READ MORE

Why Driver Shortages are Hurting the Trucking Industry

by Alexandra Marx The trucking industry is experiencing a nationwide driver shortage. Though some drivers are making good money in the current industry, the job itself is not always a first choice for many potential workers. Young adults who need jobs after high school if they do not attend college are not an option, as […]READ MORE