Solutions for CARRIERS

Our Solutions for Carriers

Mobile communication module

  • Track and dispatch drivers, offer loads, and receive live updates. Manage assets, inspect equipment and more with our comprehensive Mobile Dispatch solution.

Integrated load planning board

  • View all pending loads on one screen: view assigned and pending trucks with warnings and pending tasks, missing appointments and available loads.  Offer loads to your drivers, see their current locations, check available driving hours and offer loads to your drivers.

Dispatch operations management

  • Streamline all truckload planning and dispatch activities. Our system will guide you through steps leaving no room for errors.

Equipment tracking and maintenance

  • Maintain profiles and track repairs, optimize the use of available equipment. Keep detailed notes and documentation all in one place accessible with one click.

Freight billing

  • Reduce administrative work and improve accounts receivable turnover with fast and accurate billing and invoice delivery features.

Driver settlements

  • Customize payment plans, deductions and advances to suit your contract arrangements.

Document management

  • Scan and preview document right in our tightly integrated system. Attach document to any asset/broker/carrier. Secure documents so only authorized users have access. Categorize and organize documents for easy accessibility.

Flexible & Custom reporting

  • Utilize extensive reporting and key performance charts to get real-time company information to support continuous improvement and profitability growth.


  • We support major communication protocols and all standard carrier document formats. Our EDI integrates with the TMS so there is no double entry and all operations like status updates or invoicing work automatically without user intervention. We have large database of EDI partners ready to go and we can tailor EDI transmissions specifically for each individual trading partner.

Fuel card integration

  • We provide complete integrations with Comdata and EFS. There is no need to visit their websites. You can give out Advances and Manage your Fuels all without leaving our system.

Accounting integration

  • Currently DITAT integrates with QuickBooks Desktop version and SAP. Stay tuned for an integration with QuickBooks Online. We can integrate with your accounting software upon request if the software can be integrated.

Fuel and mileage

  • We give you a choice of which mileage provider you would like to use. At the end of each quarter you can just print a report for your IFTA filings.