What our customers say about our software:

“…an irreplaceable tool that every trucking company would benefit from!”

“There is one area in which most software companies fail and it is providing prompt and timely support! Ditat is incomparable when it comes to support. A huge burden was taken off my shoulders with the purchase of Ditat. I no longer need to call my Software Provider Support line and wait for hours until an issue is resolved. Everything is working perfectly fine and there is no need to call their Support line for anything, but even if I do, they would pick up the phone right away and they will be on top of the issue and resolve it in no time. We’ve never experienced major outages. I would even say no outages at all.

Ditat has very detailed Help Guide that makes launching of the software smooth and easy, because you always have a reference to go to. On-line training sessions are professionally led, easy to comprehend and customized to each customer’s needs, which also is another great benefit that I enjoyed. The Help guide continues to help me a lot, because when you are working with software like Ditat that has so many features, you always need to go back and remind yourself of how to use the ones that you don’t use on a daily basis.

Implementation is another process that is usually painful and time consuming with other providers, but not with Ditat. Their programmers and Support team are right on top of everything!

Last but not least, with the use of Ditat, we were able to make our operations much more efficient and effective. Customer portal, Driver portal, integrations with various third party providers we work with, internal processes automation, all of these are huge time and money savers!

If I have to describe Ditat in just a few words, I would say – very flexible, sophisticated, amazingly well built, reliable software – an irreplaceable tool that every trucking company would benefit from!

All of this with very minimal upfront cost! I can’t be more grateful of having such a professional, reliable, open-minded and understanding business partner by my side!”

— Ivelina Atanasova
Business Development Manager

“…I don’t see us ever switching to any other TMS.”

I can’t even express how amazing Ditat is. Our company switched to Ditat in October of 2019 and have seen nothing but a positive impact on our operations; safety, dispatch, accounting, and administration. I don’t see us ever switching to any other TMS. Ditat will improve every single part of your operations in the long run. It’s made inputting loads faster, more accurate, hiring drivers less of a headache, and doing settlements a 10-minute process. While we have not been focusing on growth, but more of reorganizing our fleet, we can see how it will allow us to double in size without adding any more office staff. Great product, great support team, and a great company. Recommended to any fleet that is serious about their business.

— Ben Dzananovic
Business General Manager
Silver Trucking LLC