Business Consulting Services

Business Consulting Services

Customized Software Solutions

At Ditat we understand that every trucking operation is unique. Even operations that are similar in their size and services offered can vary greatly in their work flow and business processes. If there is something that is not addressed in our application, we have a proven process to identify, design and deliver a cost -effective custom enhacements.

Data Migration & Conversion

We can train your team on how to use our tools and templates to migrate your valuable data from the current system or this task can be performed by our implementation specialists from start to finish.

EDI Management

Our IT team has a wide range of experience in mapping input and output data for use with EDI transactions. We support major communication protocols and all standard carrier document formats but integration with some EDI partners may require custom development.

3rd Party Integration

Currently Ditat TMS integrates with PC Miler, QuickBooks, Comdata, Blue Tree Systems and a number of other service providers to ensure most of your business aspects are covered by our comprehensive software package. Visit our Partners page for the full list of integrations included in the basic package. While all of this integration is tested and supported, we continue to develop new integration points on a regular basis. Upon request, we can build integrations with other software programs you may be using. Please contact our IT professionals for new project feasibility analysis.

Custom Reporting

While our Company Dashboard module is delivered with extensive reporting and key perfomance charts, we often find customers request additional reports to monitor and analyze their unique business work flow. Our implemantation specialists will work with your team to define and build reports you need.

Accounting Support Services

Our accounting professionals will help to implement integration and provide ongoing support with QuickBooks or your own accounting software.