TMS to release new user interface with improved mobile functionality

New appearance will help users access their data on the go

The way that people work has changed dramatically in the last two decades, but most noticeably over the last few years with the rise of remote work.

According to a Pew Research Center survey from February, of those who can work remotely, roughly 35% work remotely all of the time and 41% work a hybrid schedule.

The trucking industry is not immune to this trend, with positions like dispatchers, fleet managers, safety personnel, administrative staff, as well as freight brokers, being able to conduct work remotely at least part of the time.

With a significant portion of the workforce needing access to their companies’ enterprise systems and transportation management software outside of the typical office environment, mobile devices like smartphones and tablet computers have become vital tools for on-the-go work.

Often, though, mobile websites only offer scaled-down versions of important features and aren’t designed with use on smaller screens in mind. This means using these has the potential to limit or delay the completion of critical tasks and processes.

Ditat, a St. Louis-based transportation management software provider for carriers and brokers, recognized its users’ growing need to access a more comprehensive version of its TMS software on mobile devices. This month, Ditat will roll out a new interface, which will improve the overall appearance of its TMS as well as improve usability on mobile access for a better experience on the go.

“We’ve made a lot of changes over the past couple of years, including open application programming interface. A lot of what people are looking for is the ability to manage work tasks on their phones. Parts of our system will be optimized so that people can access a full-blown version on their phones,” said Eric Williams, director of sales at Ditat.

The new interface will help optimize some of its features, such as its search function, to provide users with a more streamlined experience, said Ivan Demkovitch, president at Ditat.

Ditat, which is already recognized for its user-friendly interface, will be revamped to provide an updated, sleek appearance that will help modernize the current look.

Ditat has served the transportation and logistics industry since 2010. Its TMS system is a carrier’s or broker’s command center that allows users to automate their critical administrative and operational tasks.

The system helps users plan loads, dispatch drivers and track asset maintenance. It can also send invoices, pay drivers and track their critical business key performance indicators and more. Through Ditat’s open API, users can integrate their business ecosystems into one, centralized location.

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